Second Season

What is Second Season?

The IWU Theatre Guild respects and values the core beliefs established by Indiana Wesleyan University. We go through a rigorous approval process to make sure our shows reflect the values of IWU while entertaining and stimulating conversation. As a division, we also hold true to our vision of being a “voice to the voiceless.” It relates to Jesus’ compassionate ability for seeking out those who didn’t have a voice and empowering them through story-telling and healing. We believe we were given the gift of storytelling so that we may give a voice to the voiceless. Yet, sometimes the voiceless go through, overcome, experience, or believe in content that would not be appropriate for our mainstage productions. Second Season has been created for shows we believe need to be told but require discretion and facilitated discussions called “talk backs” after each performance. Second Season also fulfills our mission to equip, engage, and entertain students and audiences through stories that explore the artistic and spiritual dynamic of the human existence. Second Season is an opportunity to challenge our beliefs through art to explore what it means to be a human, to have faith, and what is our purpose in life. Second Season is a safe place for students to engage with ideas such as identity, purpose, and spirituality, mediated through storytelling and guided through facilitated talk backs led by IWU faculty.

Trumbo: Red, White & Blacklisted

            The show details the life of Dalton Trumbo, a screenplay writer put on the Hollywood blacklist during McCarthyism. Trumbo is known for writing films such as Spartacus, Exodus, and Roman Holiday. During his time on the Hollywood blacklist, Trumbo continued to write screenplays under the alias Robert Rich – even winning an Academy Award under his alias for The Brave One. The Theatre Guild is also bringing in a professional actor to play the role of Dalton Trumbo alongside an IWU student. This show deals with themes of communication, family, censorship, government, and artistic freedom. This show is a Second Season show because of brief strong language. If there are any questions about the play or if you would like further information in order to wisely decide if this production is for you, feel free to email


Trumbo also aligns with our core values with the IWU Theatre Guild:

Collaboration: We believe in working together as a team. Every person on this team adds value and creative excellence to this production. It is also a skillful collaboration with our IWU administration to ensure the integrity of school values and local businesses such as Tree of Life so that communities would be more involved with theatre. Trumbo also gives us the opportunity to collaborate with professional actor Robert Newman (well known for his appearance on the show Guiding Lights) so that the community has an opportunity to engage with professional theatre and so that students can learn from professionals in their career field, establish connections, and grow in their own talents.

Creative Excellence: Good storytelling requires an intentional effort by everyone to tell the best possible story. Throughout Trumbo, we hope to facilitate an atmosphere and experience where we can take risks and make discoveries both as an artist and as an audience member. Students and faculty collaborate to intentionally create work that honors the story, challenges the artist to grow, and engage the audience in thought and conversation. We aren’t looking for perfection or the absence of failure, but we look forward to working together to be the best that we can possible be. Creative excellence within Trumbo means that we have student designers and actors under the guidance and mentorship of skilled and experienced professors. We are also hiring a professional actor, Robert Newman, to give creative excellence to the role of Trumbo and to help students understand what it means to present excellent work in the professional world.

Community: We are a connected group of storytellers and participants. Through Trumbo, we hope to foster a community that engages together to tackle deep topics such as censorship, family, government, and artistic freedom. It also calls us into question in understanding what kind of community we are living. Who are our neighbors? How do we engage with them? Understand them? Love them? By telling the story of Dalton Trumbo, we are giving a voice to a community that was persecuted by American society. What can we take from his story as a community to better invest in our relationships within our community and the ‘other’?


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