24 Hour Theatre Festival

Starting in the Fall of 2014, the 24 Hour Theatre Festival is a weekend of creative and collaborative fun as students rush against the clock to write, rehearse, and perform original works in only 24 hours. 


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What is 24 Hour Theatre Festival?

              The 24 Hour Theatre Festival is an opportunity for high school students to get a “crash course” in college theatre productions and is an opportunity for students to build connections with current IWU students and professors. Within 24 hours, students will create and engage in an original production that was written and produced for the students by the students. It welcomes all students who are interested in theatre and encourages them to grow both as an artist and as a team member. It’s a chance for students to collaborate with like-minded students and to build lasting relationships within the IWU Theatre Guild.

Scholarship Opportunity

              The 24 Hour Theatre Festival is also an opportunity for a high school senior to receive a scholarship to Indiana Wesleyan University. All proceeds from the 24 Hour Theatre Festival will be given to one senior who exhibits hard work, talent, and work ethics. In order to accept the scholarship, they must be an incoming freshman for the 2018 – 2019 academic school year at IWU.

Register Now

The 24 Hour Theatre Festival is open up to all high schoolers (Freshmen to Seniors) who are interested in theatre. Each student pays a $25 fee (includes food and housing) along with their registration. You can register online here (Click Here to Register)  or you can submit a check to IWU Theatre Guild at:

Dr. Katie Wampler

Division of Communication and Theatre

Indiana Wesleyan University
4201 S. Washington St.
Marion, IN 46953


If you are planning to send a check, please email iwutheatrepublicity@gmail.com to ensure you are fully registered. We will send you a form to complete and email us back.

The online registration we use requires you to create an account. No worries, it’s free! This is just so we can document who is coming and collect contact information. Once you create an account using your email, you will be allowed to continue registering.


For each student, registration is $25 before the deadline and $30 in person. This will pay for housing, food, and a t-shirt.


DEADLINE: September 11, 2017


Our event has grown exponentially over the past three years and we are looking forward to its continued growth. There is a student cut off so make sure you register early to ensure you get to be a part of this experience!